Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chocolate truffles anyone ??

Here are some miniatures i have made this week, i have included a photo of my messy work area !! the shame of it , good job it`s in the loft and nobody else see`s  it except like minded miniaturist who appreciate the organised chaos that inspires us , well that`s what i keep telling myself , i`m in chocolate mode for now and this is my first attempt at a chocolate box filled with truffles, i`m trying out different papers for the box so will probably have dozens by the time i`m completely happy with it, when there done they will be coming to Newark for my next show , enjoy ! remember no calories !!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Filigree cake stands !

Well this is my first post , i`v spent ages trying to sort out my new blog spot think it still needs some tweeking but i`m ready for a cupa now !! after two hours, i`m not that clued up when it comes to computers but this is something i`ve wanted to do for ages so be prepared for lots of changes ! i`ve been working on some miniature cakes today as soon as the camera is charged i`ll get some pics on , stawberry topped victoria sponge filled with fresh cream mmmmm, have also managed to finish some of my cream filigree cake stands after sticking my fingers together twice i finally got it right !! but they do look beautifull so i can`t complain, hope you like them too . x