Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Holiday time!!!!!!

At last my holiday is just around the corner im so ready for a break ! thought i would share some of my recent makes with you, ive started my own basket range and finding it quite theraputic i cant stop making them , at last i can make a basket that fits my 1 12th scale miniatures with enough detail , my imagination is starting to get out of hand so maybe the holiday has come just in time !!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Time to knuckle down !

Well the weather is on the turn and autumn is in the air , the nights are drawing in its a sign that i`m going to be busy in my mini study, i`m already thinking about christmas, i know thats sad but theres so much to do and so little time, a recent addition to my etsy store are my own range of baskets i just cant stop making them !!!!!! filling them with fruits and vegetables is very rewarding pictures really dont do them any justice, theres nothing like seeing something with the naked eye, i really miss doing the shows maybe i could sort something out for next year but like i said never enough time !!!!!!